A Little About Me


My very first Osmond poster in the background.
Plus a picture of me as a young Osmond lover and today.



Hello everyone! First of all, I’d like to thank you for stopping by Osmondheaven.com. I can’t believe that this site has been up for 17 years already. It started out as a little fan site called “The Osmond’s - My Soul & Inspiration”. A few years later I changed it to Osmondheaven.com. I started making this website back in 1999 adding only a few pictures and some info on each family member, but it has grown considerably since then. I started putting information on here that I just couldn’t find anywhere else. Not even on their official website. For instance:


                                                - A page dedicated to the many picture sleeves that are out there from all over the world

                                      - Foreign LP’s - A page dedicated to only their foreign LP’s
                                      - Singles - Titles to their singles and on which LP you can find those singles on
                                      - Charted Albums
                                      - Charted Singles
                                      - Lyrics to their songs

And so much more! Now it seems like they have picked up on my idea and put together Osmondmania.com. It’s an awesome website which I would recommend you checking out if you haven’t done so already. 


I really do enjoy my time on here. Granted, things do become out of date at times, but I try not to let that happen very often.


My Osmond journey started back in 1971 when my mother came home with an album called The Donny Osmond Album. That was the beginning of this madness and I believe she regrets it to this day. LOL!! I think she got sick of hearing the same album over and over again because a few months later she came home with another album called Donny Osmond “To You with Love” and my 10 year old heart swooned even more. A friend at school brought me a poster of the Osmond’s which she had gotten from a magazine. I was so happy! It was my only Osmond poster for years and it began to show. It was a four page poster and poor Donny’s nose ended up disappearing because he was in the center lol!!  More LP’s piled up as the years went by. When I was about 11 years old I was introduced to the magazines like Tiger Beat, 16, Flip and all of the others. Guess who bought me my first one? Yep, again it was my mother. Thank you mom!  She came home one afternoon with a Tiger Beat magazine with Donny on the cover. Whenever I had change (which wasn’t very often), I would go to the store to purchase another magazine. I didn’t have many, but I loved what I had.


When I was 12 I remember purchasing my very first LP which was Donny’s “A Time For Us”. I saw it in our tiny local street corner store and ran home to get the $5 I had earned from babysitting and bought it. I walked home all proud taking it out of the bag just so these teenaged girls who were coming my way could see it. I had no idea who they were. After they passed me I could hear one girl say “Ewww Donny Osmond!” Gasp! I was shocked and I couldn’t believe my ears! How could she not like Donny Osmond? I just didn’t understand lol!!! Anyway, I went home and played it and it’s been my favorite LP of Donny’s so far. Soon I was getting Osmond Brothers albums and Donny & Marie albums and loving them just as much. It’s been many years and I still have all of my originals.


When the D & M shows started back in 1975 I was in pure Osmond heaven (ha!). I would sit in front of the TV every Friday night at 8pm and record on audio tape, all of their songs. Soon I was taping the whole show. I still have those as well, but the audio quality has gone down quite a bit.


I was never lucky enough to see them in concert back in the 70’s. I never had any friends who went to concerts so the possibility of even seeing them in concert or in person never even crossed my mind. It was always looking for the next LP, or the next TV appearance or the next magazine to come out. That’s all I knew. The first time I saw an Osmond in concert was back in 1987 when Marie came to a town near me. Then I saw her again a little while later. Then in 1989 to my great joy, I found out that Donny was going to be performing in Massachusetts! I got tickets and went to his show with my baby sister. It was December 2, 1989. It was so cool seeing him in person that day. I didn’t see him again until 1999 during his book signing tour.

I saw Alan for the first time in 1991 or 1992 when his sons The Osmond Boys were touring. I was able to get his autograph, but I was too shy to say anything. I met Wayne, Merrill, Jay & Jimmy in Branson in November of 2001 with some great Osmond friends of mine. We were able to talk with them and get pictures and autographs. They were so sweet to us. It was amazing to be able to get that close to them. To speak to them as adults not as screaming, crying teenagers. I’ve been lucky enough to see them many times over the past 14 years.


My love for this family has given me great joy. I know others out there just don’t understand and question why I enjoy them so much even after all of these years. I love collecting what I can on them. They are my childhood. They bring back so many great memories for me. I love their music; I love who they are and what they stand for. I’m not love struck like I used to be as a kid and a teen. That unfortunately is far behind me. I don’t get all giddy when I see them on TV or when I see them in concert. That doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy who they are, enjoy their songs and enjoy that feeling they gave me as that little 10 year old girl. I wouldn’t be me without them in my life. They have been awesome role models.


I know many of you feel the same way, and I hope that this website brings back some of those memories.

Thank you again for stopping by and I hope you stop by again.


Pictures Taken With Various Osmonds

Me & Alan 1992Me & Osmond Boys 1992Me & Donny 1999Me & Jon 1999
Me & Nathan 1999 Me & Mike 1999 Me & Nathan 1999 Me & Scott 1999
Me & Doug 1999 Me & Donny 2000 Me & Donny 2001 Me & Merrill 2001
Me & Wayne 2001 Me & Jay 2001 Me & Jimmy 2001 Me & Donny 2001
Me & Marie 2001 Me & Marie 2001 Me & Donny 2001 Me & Marie 2002
Me & Tom 2003 Me & Osmonds 2003 Me & Father Osmond 2003 Me & Alex & Tyler 2003
Me & Justin 2003 Me & Osmonds 2007 Me & Virl 2007 Me & Donny 2014

A picture my 10 year old niece Jazmyn
made for me of Donny. :o)

I grew up listening mainly to country music because that's what my mother listened to. My first memory of any song in our household was of Connie Smith singing a song called "One A Day". I must have been about 2 years old. I still love that song today. It brings me way back to when I was just a toddler. I love when music brings back such memories. My mother would have the likes of Johnny Cash, Tammy Wynette, Loretta Lynn, George Jones, Buck Owens and so many others playing at home.

Later my older brother would play all the cool 60's songs and I got into all of that as well. The Beatles, Aretha Franklin and so many others. He'd have his friends at the house and they'd play their 45's and dance in the living room. And there I'd be, this little 6 or 7 year old dancing with them lol!!

Then came the 70's. I'd have to say that this is my favorite era of music. I just love 70's music. I am totally stuck forever in the 70's. That's my #1 decade.

Other artists I've loved listening to and watching through the years are:

Mariska Hargitay
Andy Williams Bette Midler June Allyson Barbara Stanwyck Mariska Hargitay


TV Shows I've Loved:

Law & Order: SVU Criminal Minds Big Brother Blue Bloods
Gilligans Island
The Munsters

Partridge Family
Brady Bunch
Police Woman Andy Williams Show Charlies Angels Donny & Marie
Cagney & Lacey Happy Days Mork & Mindy Leave It To Beaver
Love Boat Fantasy Island
Big Valley

Adam 12 Carol Burnett Lavern & Shirley Dick Van Dyke Show
F-Troop Flipper The Flying Nun Gentle Ben
Mr. Ed The Monkees Medical Center Emergency
My Three Sons Petticoat Junction That Girl Captain Kangaroo
Here's Lucy Lost in Space Green Acres Gomer Pyle
Mayberry RFD Family Affair Mannix Hazel

I want to take this time to dedicated these pages to my brother Ronnie.
We love you Ronnie and miss you with all of our hearts!
Love, your sister Robin.